You were the Change of Heart in a Young Life!

Karen began participating in The Scott Mission’s many youth outreaches when she was in grade six. In high school now, she is the picture of confidence and rarely misses an opportunity to gather with friends and Mission staff to nurture the growth she is experiencing in her faith and character.

But it wasn’t always that way!

“When I was younger my connection with God wasn’t that strong and I started to be a rebel. I wasn’t listening to my mom, and I was rude to her and my brother. I was judgmental and just wanted to hang out with the popular kids and forget everyone else,” Karen says. “But coming to The Scott Mission helped me . . . I had a change of heart.

“The Scott Mission staff helped me get back on track. I’ve seen other people take the dark path, hang out with the wrong people, and do things they shouldn’t be doing. It can lead to bigger problems in the future.”

Between Scott Mission Camp, attending after-school programs, leadership training, and youth conferences, Karen is growing in so many ways. “I really like the staff and the way they run the programs and activities, and they all help us grow in our faith.”

Karen is deeply thankful to everyone who supports The Scott Mission’s robust youth ministry programs. “The Scott Mission is just a really fun, happy place to be, and Scott Mission Camp is a fun experience that I’ll carry with me the rest of my life. I’ve met so many people who’ve helped me grow in so many ways.”

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