Why do they support The Scott Mission?

A woman holding new warm clothes from The Scott Mission

The generosity and prayers of many caring friends ensures that everyone who turns to The Scott Mission for help and hope receives it. These friends wrote in to share the reasons why they choose to give and pray for this ministry and those we serve:

“Thank you for helping my mom, brother, and me when we were growing up.”

“Thank you so much for the work you’re doing . . . caring for some of the most vulnerable and needy of our society! May God bless you!”

“I remember my grandparents mentioning The Scott Mission when I was young. I have been blessed so I hope this contribution will put a smile on someone’s face! Thank you for doing what you do!”

“God bless you for helping those in need . . . ‘The Lord shall greatly bless thee.’”

“This donation is for the help you gave my son.”

Thank you for your kindness that helps those among us who are hungry, homeless, and hurting.