Vale—A story of Thanksgiving!

Vale was hungry, homeless, and without hope the day he came through the doors here at The Scott Mission. Worse still, he truly believed he deserved nothing more.

Over a hot meal, we talked with Vale and learned a little about the shattered relationships that had driven him to the streets of Toronto with nothing but the clothes on his back. He was thankful for the meal and grateful for the promise of safe shelter from the bitter cold. But he looked at us with frank suspicion when we spoke of God’s forgiveness and eternal love.

It took time for Vale to feel trust and accept that The Scott Mission exists solely to share the mercy and love of Christ.

“I wondered, ‘Are these people really this supportive? How can I be so fortunate to be here?’” Vale recalls. “I was in a poverty situation—financially and spiritually. When I needed someone, they prayed for me. The staff was caring and respectful.”

In the days since Vale first arrived, he has seen God’s love in action. He has seen the broken find healing, the unemployed find work, the homeless find a home, families reunited, addictions broken . . . and he has seen how God’s infinite grace can fill hardened hearts with love and hope.

Your Thanksgiving gifts and prayers are needed now to help people like Vale enjoy a delicious holiday meal and find a new beginning in life.

I hope you’ll make a gift now to help others who are in need this Thanksgiving season!

Your support of The Scott Mission saves and changes lives—like Vale’s. Every $4.25 meal you provide this Thanksgiving could make all the difference for someone who desperately needs to experience God’s mercy and love.

Thank you for standing with us again, now, to provide Thanksgiving meals to every hungry, lost, and broken soul!

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