“I can honestly say that my son is truly loved here.” —Casheena

Like many families in the Toronto area, rent and the high cost of living make every day a tough task. Casheena knew she had to return to work soon after the birth of her son, Jaden, to make ends meet, but with their already strained budget, childcare presented a challenge.

So she was thrilled the day she walked into The Scott Mission’s O’Connor Family Centre and found exactly the kind of daycare she had hoped for—it was clean, the children had plenty of space and stimulation, and the caregivers were kind and loving.

“I can honestly say that my son is truly loved here, because every day when we leave he stops and stares at the staff picture board and says, ‘Wait, Mommy.’ Then, we don’t leave until he names every single person. The fact that he acknowledges everyone is because they’ve blessed him in a certain way.”

Through your support of The Scott Mission and the O’Connor Family Centre, you’re helping families in need each day! Casheena says, “I can honestly say that my son is truly loved here. Thank you to the donors for being so giving, so caring to people in need.”


Through your kind support, our O’Connor Family Centre ministry continues to care for children and families in our community . . .

300+ families in need receive regular help at our O’Connor location