Thinking of volunteering at The Scott Mission this Thanksgiving?

Before you sign up, be warned that volunteering could be the best thing you ever do, for yourself, and for the hungry and hurting in our community! Meet volunteer Lynette Jenkins who is serving help and hope—one plate at a time.

As a child, Lynette Jenkins saw much of the world while her father served in the Air Force, but it was her mother’s gifts of compassion and hospitality, shared with locals in dozens of countries, that led her to donate her time and talents in the kitchen of The Scott Mission.

“I’ve always been on the front lines interacting with all sorts of different people, all cultures in different countries. I feel that helping others is good for me. It makes me feel I can do something. I can be kind, friendly, and I think that’s really important.

“At The Scott Mission, I help lay tables, do food prep, serve meals, clear up after meals, and I like chatting with the clients,” Lynette says.

As a volunteer at The Scott Mission, Lynette enjoys serving wholesome meals to men and women who are in great need. “I wish for them the courage to cope, the strength to see through each day, the knowledge that somebody cares for them, and that they’re not alone.”

Lynette has seen firsthand how simple human kindness can make all the difference for someone who is hurting. “A kind word, a smile can do a lot,” she says. “The quality of the food here is truly amazing. If you have some good food inside you, I think you can cope with whatever the rest of the day may bring. People are very kind here . . . maybe it’s the only kindness someone will get in the whole day.”

This Thanksgiving season, Lynette’s gifts are uniting with the generosity of many caring donors to ensure that wholesome food is available for the hungry, safe refuge is there for the homeless, and tools are available to rebuild lives in need.

Make a gift now to help neighbours in need this Thanksgiving or to serve as a volunteer!

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