Thank you for helping struggling families this Christmas!

Gisella had prepared her children to not expect much in the way of Christmas presents. She’d explained that just being together, in their own home, and enjoying a delicious holiday meal made possible by donations from friends of The Scott Mission would make it a wonderful celebration.

So you can imagine her surprise when Mission staff approached her at our food bank one afternoon and asked if she planned to visit the Christmas Toy Room during the holiday season.

The Scott Mission’s Women and Family Ministry outreach exists to help families who are struggling with hunger and hopelessness. Gisella is deeply thankful for caring friends who support the Mission to help her and other families through life’s most difficult times.

In response to her look of wonder, they explained that caring donors stock the shelves with new toys, books, games, stuffed animals, and more, so that a parent can pick out an item or two, giving their little ones a special present to open on Christmas morning.

A shy smile crept onto Gisella’s face at the thought of her children having a present to open after all . . .

She said, “Thank God for The Scott Mission, and for those who make all this possible. I don’t have much money. The Mission helps so much with food and warm jackets for my kids. Now they’ll give me toys for my son and daughter at Christmas. They will be very happy.”

Will you make a gift now to ensure help is available to every struggling family who turns to The Scott Mission this Christmas season?