“Thank you for giving to keep camp alive all these years.”

Picture of a young man named, Taeron

Taeron was in fourth grade, and in foster care, when he first experienced Scott Mission Camp. He had no way of knowing the impact it would have on his life.

“After the first couple of days I adjusted and had fun with rock climbing, canoeing, biking, sports, worship, and other stuff,” he says. But over the years, Taeron—who is now 16 years old—has learned there’s even more to camp than fun. He’s learned that he likes to serve others and tend to their needs.

“I like to help cook the meals and interact with the other kids, just talk to them,” he says. “Connecting with others, those are my best memories.”

Taeron recently completed the Foundations Program so he can put his faith and desire to serve others to work in a leadership role at camp. It was a big step and he is excited to share all that he has learned through Scott Mission Camp. “This is a place where kids can come out in the summer and learn new things, have fun, and learn who the Creator is,” he says.

Cooking and caring for others has also blossomed into a dream for his future. “My goal is to be a culinary chef. I really like eating food and making it.”

Taeron is truly grateful to donors for all he has experienced at Scott Mission Camp. “Caledon is a nice place to explore, with the woods and the animals,” he says. “Thank you for giving to keep camp alive all these years.”

In just a few weeks, hundreds of children, youth, and teens like Taeron will gather in Caledon for an unforgettable experience, building friendships while deepening their relationship with Christ. Thank you for giving generously again now, so more children in need will have the opportunity to experience Scott Mission Camp.

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