“I thank God that there is a place to help . . .”

Veronica “Aunty V” first came to The Scott Mission with a friend, who was a single mother and relied on assistance from our food bank to help feed her children. The experience was unforgettable . . .

Veronica says that the scene at The Scott Mission food bank was more like something you’d see at a family reunion. She watched in wonder as her friend was warmly welcomed by staff and volunteers. Everywhere there were smiles, hugs, prayers, and other kindnesses in the form of food and clothing.

Many years later, when Veronica found herself facing difficulties, she too turned to The Scott Mission for help.

The food bank helped meet her most urgent needs, while loving friendships with staff and volunteers began to bloom, nourishing her in other ways.

Soon Veronica was working regularly in the Mission’s community garden and participating in a women’s group who meet regularly for worship and to support one another through life’s ups and downs. “The Scott Mission did a lot for us,” Veronica says. “We could come and pray and have others praying for us. It makes a difference.

“It’s more than a food bank or a place to go when you’re hungry. It’s a place of love that serves the community. It’s full of people who are full of life and love and who encourage you.

“I’m a single mother and I can get clothing for the children or myself, and get food. I thank God for that, that there is a place to help.”

With the holiday approaching, Veronica is looking forward to the many special celebrations that will take place at The Scott Mission. “Christmas at the Mission is one of the most wonderful seasons of the year because I see smiles. I see families getting help and toys for their children from the toy room and food hampers. There is so much giving and sharing. There is so much joy—you see it in people’s faces and in children’s eyes.

“The Scott Mission is doing the work that the Lord asked us to do. It’s all patience, love, and kindness. May the Lord bless you for your heart of love and goodness.”

This Christmas many of your neighbours who are in need will turn to The Scott Mission for prayer, fellowship, and the great gift of a hot meal or bag of groceries.

Thank you for your generosity that ensures help is there for everyone in need!

Please make a gift to ensure that help is there for everyone in need this Christmas!

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