I didn’t want to ask for help, but we were doing worse and worse.

Isabel at The Scott Mission

Isabel and her husband Adrian are immigrants to Canada with an 18-month-old daughter. Adrian works hard every day, but they still struggle paying both rent and putting food on the table.

“€I didn’t want to ask for help … but we were doing worse and worse,”€ she admits. “€When we came to the Mission, I felt so free! Everyone treats you like an equal.”€

Isabel says she visits the Mission about once a month for food to help them stretch their budget between paycheques, but is worried about the next weeks and months.

“€Summer is coming and there are extra expenses,”€ she says. “€But tomorrow is another day. I’m glad we can come here and hope for a better future.”€

Isabel says she is grateful for those who support the Mission. “€Thank you for choosing to help people.”€