I Cried When I Left Because I had so Much Fun!

Camper Ella smiling at Scott Mission Camp

For three summers now, Ella has looked forward to one special week. Every year, she counts on it.

It is a week she can get out of the city, run outside in the sun, play games, go fishing, swim, and meet friends. Ella wouldn’t trade her week at The Scott Mission Camp for anything!

“€Camp is fun and we get to learn about God,”€ she said. “€You meet so many friends and the staff is really great. They talk to the kids and make them laugh.”€ Ella said the adventure begins from the moment you step off the bus. “€I really like getting off the bus! All the counselors make a bridge; you run under it and into the playground. Then, you get to see all the other kids and try to find your friends from last year.”€

The 13-year-old said she also enjoys activities like the campfire and time spent hanging out with friends. “€The campfire skits are so funny,”€ she said. “€And I’m looking forward to high ropes. I’m going to be braver this year.”€

“€When you support camp, you are helping a lot of people,”€ Ella said. “€Camp helps boost confidence by making new friends. Kids get closer to God. I cried when I left because I had so much fun. It is a great experience.”€

Your gifts make it possible for children like Ella to attend summer camp. When you give today, you will help give Toronto’s boys and girls an unforgettable week they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.