‘The healing is just beginning . . .’

Dave climbing a ladder at Collingwood

For Dave, The Collingwood Lodge at Blue Mountain is full of gifts.

Not the usual gifts you would imagine, though.

“There is a freshness in the air; it is peaceful and tranquil. It is God’s property,” he says. “There’s something about it that is conducive to fellowship. It comes so freely, it is very therapeutic.”

Dave is part of a team of clients from The Scott Mission who traveled to the Blue Mountain region earlier this year for our 2014 Work Retreat. The group spent time learning job skills and habits. They also spent time in God’s Word together in the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors.

He says, “For me, this was the only opportunity I’ll have to experience something like that, let alone be able to spend five days there! After five days, the healing is just beginning.”

Healing and a better life for those in need is what The Scott Mission works for thanks to the kind generosity of friends like you. The retreat is just one program that helps transform the lives of people like Dave.

Dave explains, “You always feel better after a good day’s work. We learned skills that will be important on the job. And while we are there, we share our stories and learn about others. Strong relationships are formed there. And it’s healing to speak about hardships.”

Dave says the retreat is just one of the ways The Scott Mission made a difference in his life. “The Mission is saving lives. There is no place like the Mission. You can receive moral support and talk to staff. I haven’t seen a limit for what TSM will do to help someone in need. In some of my darkest times, there has been someone here to talk to; someone to help in a time of crisis.”

We are so grateful for friends like you who help people like Dave turn their lives around. Whether during the Christmas season or anytime of year, your support makes a big difference. Thank you!