Sharing warmth with neighbours in need

Fernando smiling while inside The Scott Mission

Fernando had worked hard all of his life, yet always had room in his heart to help others who were in need of justice or compassion.

Then came a time in his life when he found himself on the receiving end—unable to find steady employment and make ends meet.

Fortunately, in Fernando’s darkest hour, he was referred to The Scott Mission where he found emergency services that included good food, safe shelter, and staff whose kindness was so genuine that he was astonished.

The Scott Mission helped Fernando find work and get back on his feet . . . and then the unthinkable happened.

A devastating car accident almost cost Fernando his life. Two brain surgeries later, Fernando woke in the hospital to find staff from The Scott Mission by his side.

When he was released from the hospital, it was The Scott Mission that took him in while he healed and grew strong again. Once he was fully recovered, our staff helped Fernando get back to work and into a college culinary arts program to hone his impressive cooking skills.

Fernando will graduate soon with a degree and is already working at a trade he truly loves, because cooking involves giving from the heart to bring joy— and good food—to others.

Fernando has received a second chance in life, and he is thankful to God and to friends like you who support The Scott Mission. “I am grateful to be back on my feet, and now cherish every moment of life,” Fernando says. “I want to thank all the workers at The Scott Mission, and encourage donors to continue to support them because they help people in need, like me, and also people on the street and those who are on drugs.

“Thank you. You gave me help, friendship, and made a real difference in my life.”