Volunteer Spotlight: Zach—Serving up Hope and Dignity

Zach smiling at the camera glad to help others at The Scott Mission.

It takes generous gifts from donors, and the generous gift of time from scores of volunteers, to make The Scott Mission a place where help and hope can always be found . . .

Zach is one of those special people who, despite being a university student, finds time to serve as a volunteer so he can bring dignity and hope into the hearts of people who are lost, broken, or defeated by life.

“I first volunteered last January and had such a good experience,” Zach says. “I think it’s important for people to give their time. We all benefit from bringing other people up. I would want people to do the same for me if I was in a different situation than I’m in now.”

Through his work preparing and serving food in The Scott Mission kitchen, Zach has seen how important donors’ gifts of meals are to the homeless and even to those who have a home, but are struggling to make ends meet. “The Scott Mission has great food and I know confidently that when people walk out of here they’re happier and able to focus on other things, like looking for work instead of how to get money to buy food.”

Zach’s volunteer service has impacted the lives of our neighbours in need, just as the people he has served have impacted him. “I hope that everyone we serve finds the resilience to push through the hard times, to find hope and purpose,” he says.

He offers heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports The Scott Mission with their time and their treasure. “Everything you contribute to The Scott Mission is put to use—clothing, food, money—all of it goes towards enhancing the dignity and the lives of the clients here,” Zach says. “There are definitely people who need help. We need to take steps to try to fix problems and not just focus on what’s next for us, but what’s next for the less privileged in our society.”