Scott Mission Camp – It’s Amazing!

Camper, Samantha

Samantha could see how much her big sister loved going to Scott Mission Camp, but that didn’t stop her from having serious doubts on her first day.

“I didn’t know much about camp, and I was nervous,” she recalls. “But I met new friends. In our cabin that night, we talked and laughed and shared stories. We bonded and were very comfortable with each other.”

Like all first-time campers, Samantha was astonished by the beautiful wilderness setting of SMC. The lush green woods, rolling hills, bright blue waters, and endless sky took her breath away! “The scenery is really pretty,” Samantha says, “and it’s good to be outside, disconnected from everything.”

It was impossible for Samantha to pick her favourite activity at camp, in fact, her list outnumbered her fingers-swimming, playing 9 Square, singing by the campfire, worship time, fellowshipping, and so much more.

Samantha’s first camp experience affected her so profoundly that she has attended three years in a row and made the commitment to join our Foundations Program, where she will be trained to mentor younger campers and one day serve as a camp counselor. “The Foundation’s Program is the best way to spend my summer,” Samantha says. “I’ve made amazing friends and grown in my knowledge of God.”

Thank you for supporting The Scott Mission! Your support makes it possible for children like Samantha to attend summer camp and experience the beauty of nature, while growing closer to God. Please give generously again today to send more young ones to Scott Mission Camp because as Samantha says, “Without you, we wouldn’t be here!”