Robert was living in fear . . .

It wasn’t easy for Robert to walk through The Scott Mission’s doors that first time. But he had nowhere else to turn. Unemployed, Robert was filled with terror that this month would be the month that he couldn’t pay the rent.

He was hanging by a thread . . . and he was hungry

He’d known about The Scott Mission for decades, and knew that a lot of people had received lifesaving help in overcoming homelessness and addiction. But Robert wasn’t homeless or an addict. He was just hungry, unemployed, and out of options.

Thanks to support from caring friends and donors, the Mission was able to welcome Robert to a seat at our table and serve him a plate of hot, wholesome food. He was very grateful to receive that meal and made sure we knew it.

Getting to know Robert

That’s when we learned that Robert had an astonishing mind that could retain endless dates and facts, and that he’d worked hard since he was 17 years old. We also learned that he didn’t like having to ask for help, and that the hopelessness that came with unemployment had begun to consume him.

But since that first meal here at The Scott Mission, Robert has come to understand that there are people in our community who care enough to ensure the Mission can feed the hungry and provide other critical services too. He has seen the homeless find shelter, the addicted get the help they need, and he has seen God’s mercy and love in action in countless ways.

A New Day for Robert

Robert is very thankful for the meals he received at a difficult time. But he’s even more thankful for the encouragement and kindnesses that will see him through until a new job comes his way. “Thank you. I’m grateful to have somewhere to go. I’ve received meals, a pair of boots, and clothing. I’m trying to find work, and you’ve helped me a lot. It’s nice that someone cares.”

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, The Scott Mission will serve more than 10,446 meals to the hungry and hurting. Please make a gift now to help meet the incredible need!