Opening Hearts at Camp

Sisters, Weajue and Weadee, at Scott Mission Camp

When we first met twins Weajue and Weadee, they were shy and withdrawn. But from the first day of camp, the twins felt so welcomed by our counsellors that they opened their hearts to everything Scott Mission Camp offers, from canoeing to biking, and a great many opportunities to grow spiritually.

“Before Scott Mission Camp, we were much quieter. Camp helped us to interact with other kids, gave us time with God, and helped us to grow spiritually,” Weajue says with a smile.

As it is for most every child who attends, Scott Mission Camp was truly life-changing for Weajue and Weadee. They haven’t missed attending camp for the last four years and are involved in our Foundations program, so they can mentor younger campers, and are also actively involved in our after-school program.

Thank you for your support that is bringing faith and joy into the lives of so many children and youth. “It may be hard to see the impact but your support is not going to waste, the camp program is a long-term thing, it gives us confidence,” Weajue says.