The Olive Jeejeebhoy Award
for Faithful Service

In 1968, Olive Jeejeebhoy followed her husband to a new land and arrived in Canada with two small children. She soon began welcoming strangers, acquaintances, and new friends in to her home and plunged into volunteering at Little Trinity Church. She began with mothering Pioneer Girls, then joined The Scott Mission, so long ago that we cannot remember the first time she entered its doors. She soon became a beloved big-hearted presence at the place on Spadina.

Olive really came into her own when she took over the Christmas Toy Room, showing the strength of her faithful service, her cheerful leadership, her organizational skills, her recruiting charm, her stick-to-itveness, and her ability to keep people calm and to keep the Toy Room humming efficiently.

These days, she’s scaled back her involvement, but her devotion means that every Christmas she schedules time for guiding parents around the Toy Room as they choose the perfect toys for their children. Her family knows those hours and days come first. Also, when she sees people begging for help, she steers them to The Scott Mission, being mindful of how to encourage people fearful of entering strange doors.

In recognition for 25 years of service, Olive received the Ontario Volunteer Service Award. Her legacy to those who serve at The Scott Mission and have been served there is multi-dimensional:

  • Faithfulness, Initiative, Cheerfulness, Forgiving Nature, Fun, Big-Hearted, Generous, Organized, Efficient, Keeps Order, Supportive

For her 81st birthday, we wanted to give back to her and to let her know that she matters, that she is valued, that she’s loved. We wanted her multi-dimensional legacy to continue through others by creating an award in her name to recognize those who are following in her footsteps. We are honoured to have this opportunity to make The Olive Jeejeebhoy Award for Faithful Service happen, and we would love for you to join us as we celebrate Olive and all that she’s done to make Toronto a better place. Your generous donation is so important to let Olive know that her legacy will continue for generations to come. Any donations to this fund will go towards blessing and honouring an outstanding volunteer each year!

Here’s a video of the party we threw for her created by her daughter, Shireen!  Click here to view.






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