Meet Scott Mission Camp’s New Camp Director—Adam Brown!

Hello Friends and Campers!

My name is Adam Brown and if we haven’t met yet, I hope we will soon!

This will be my first summer serving as Camp Director to the 600 children and youth who will be blessed with the opportunity to spend a glorious, life-changing week at Scott Mission Camp. But I already know all the staff and many of the children and teens, because I’ve worked with the camp for almost ten years as a counsellor and in other leadership roles, too.

God led me to this beautiful place to share His love with young people, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to help shape the next generation so they, too, can be transformed.

I’m grateful to everyone who donates for giving the incredible gift of camp to children whose families can’t afford it. Many of these boys and girls will be leaving the city—and home—for the first time. And many will arrive knowing very little about God. Here, we have the chance to share His love and serve as an example of what it means to walk with integrity and turn away from the pressures so many young people are faced with these days.

I hope you’ll come to our open house on Saturday, June 15, so we can show you in person just how incredible this place is . . . and I hope you’ll give generously now, because camp cannot happen without support from many caring friends and partners. Please know that through your generosity, you are investing in the lives of hundreds of boys and girls, bringing joy and hope into their hearts.

Only eternity will tell the number of lives transformed through this camp ministry, and from what I see that number will be huge! I’m excited to see what God will do this summer.

Adam Brown

Camp Director, Scott Mission Camp

Give the Gift of Camp!