Mackenzie—Homesick No More!

“Mackenzie admits she was homesick when she first arrived at Scott Mission Camp, but those feelings soon faded and she had the time of her life. She says, “It’s a really good camp and I would love to go again!”

Mackenzie’s big sister had been to Scott Mission Camp and given it rave reviews. So naturally, the 11-year-old eagerly followed in her sister’s footsteps, attending camp for the first time last summer.

But camp can be a big adjustment for girls and boys who are away from home for the very first time. That’s how it was for Mackenzie.

Thankfully Scott Mission Camp counsellors know just what to do when homesickness hits. “The counsellors were very welcoming and comforting when I missed my mom,” Mackenzie says. In no time, they had Mackenzie immersed in all camp has to offer.

“I loved the activities—pottery and baking. We baked chocolate chip cookies and a cake,” Mackenzie says with a smile.

Mackenzie was thrilled to discover that it was easy to make friends, because everyone was very friendly and welcoming. “I didn’t expect to make friends at camp, but I ended up making lots of friends,” she says. “We exchanged emails to keep in touch with each other after camp was over.”

When asked about the best part of her summer camp experience, Mackenzie didn’t hesitate. “I really enjoyed the nature part of it, the woods and staying in cabins—and learning about God. It’s a really good camp and I would love to go again!”

Mackenzie wants all caring friends and donors to know that she, and every girl and boy at camp, truly appreciates them! “Thank you for all the support!” she says. “The camp is a fun and enjoyable place. I learned a lot in that week.”

In just a few weeks, hundreds of children like Mackenzie will gather in Caledon for an unforgettable week of camp . . .

Please make a generous gift now to give more girls and boys the opportunity to experience the joy of building friendships while learning about God in the great outdoors at Scott Mission Camp.

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