I have just two words for you, “Thank you.”

Thank you to The Scott Mission’s supporters and staff. I am so grateful that you welcomed me and my family with kindness and compassion during a frightening time in life that was fraught with many changes. When we were most alone and desperate, you were there . . .

You helped us with meals and groceries when there was just no way I could make ends meet; with warm clothes in the dead of winter, and Christmas presents for my little one . . . otherwise there might have been none.

Among the greatest gifts, you gave us the opportunity to join other families at The Scott Mission Family Camp, something I could never have afforded. The experience was incredible and unforgettable, life-changing. I cried when it was time to leave—we all did.

Thank you to everyone who supports The Scott Mission with their time and money. May you continue to help others as graciously as you helped me and my family.

Thank you for teaching me about Jesus and His love for me, for all of us.

Your grateful neighbour, Gulnara