I really thank God for The Scott Mission . . .

Silvina & Daughter

The challenges facing a single mother are many. When we met Silvina, she was barely keeping food on the table and a roof over her family’s heads. Every day was a struggle to survive, which meant buying Christmas presents for her children was impossible . . .

Silvina was working two jobs . . . and hanging on by a thread. She didn’t want to ask for help or burden anyone with her troubles, but thankfully a kind soul told Silvina she could find the help and hope she urgently needed at The Scott Mission.

For the sake of her children and having nowhere else to turn, Silvina came through our doors. She couldn’t have been more shocked by the loving welcome she received . . .

Our staff listened with compassion, then they prayed with her. They gave her groceries and some much-needed clothing for herself and her children. They invited her kids to participate in after-school programs at the Mission, to attend camp, and more.

For the first time in a long time, Silvina knew someone cared. “They made me feel welcome and not ashamed. Everyone was so friendly. It was just amazing,” Silvina recalls. “You get food and other help, but you also get emotional support. For me, that was the most important thing. When they prayed for me, I could feel it. I felt different.”

In her darkest hours, staff at The Scott Mission would reach out to Silvina with kind words and let her know they were praying for her and her family. And at Christmas, when Silvina was filled with sorrow because she couldn’t afford any toys for her children, she was invited to come to the Mission and select a few items from the Christmas toy store, which is stocked by caring friends and donors.

“As a single mother, I couldn’t buy presents, but The Scott Mission provided toys for my children and they were so happy. It was very thoughtful, and for me that was joy.”

Thanks to your support, Silvina and her family are healthy, happy, and secure today. Her twins are now teenagers! Silvina still cherishes the friendships she made among our staff, and the prayer and other support she has received over the years. “I really thank God for The Scott Mission,” she says.

Silvina will never forget the many kindnesses she and her children received, thanks to the kind gifts from friends like you: “Thank you for supporting The Scott Mission. You really, really help people. In my experience, it was really helpful.”

On behalf of so many vulnerable families who turn to The Scott Mission for help and hope, thank you for your ongoing support. Your gifts make a huge difference in a great many lives!