You Gave Help and Hope When John Needed It Most

Like most who come through the Mission doors, John was hungry and had nowhere else to turn for help. Struggling financially, he was grateful for a good hot meal, but he came back again and again for the compassion, camaraderie, and spiritual support that put hope in his heart.

“I saw lots of people, including volunteers, who were so quick to help and serve a nice meal. Just to see them smile at you and serve with such kindness,” John says, recalling his first visit to The Scott Mission. “It was amazing.”

John found nourishment for body and soul!

Once the pain of hunger was gone, John was thrilled to learn that Bible studies are held at the Mission. Just imagine his joy when he received the community he had been starving for… because of you!

“For me, the Bible studies are much more meaningful than the food. The Bible gives you peace and hope, especially when you don’t have much to live on financially,” he says. “I leave happy and have hope. That’s why The Scott Mission is so different.

“People who are going through tough times need to know about the Mission. They need to know Jesus Christ and what he’s done. Once you start coming here and understanding, you become a new person.”

John is deeply thankful for The Scott Mission staff, volunteers, and the caring friends who give generously to ensure people receive food and other lifesaving, life-changing help. “Everyone is amazing and always there for us. If we need something, they’ll do whatever they can to help.”

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