Hector never expected that addiction would take over his life.

He shared, “I was showing up to school and work drunk. I managed to hide it for a long time. Eventually I lost control of my life and ended up on the streets for many years.”

Then came the day when Hector realized he would lose the fight to winter weather and addiction if he didn’t make huge—and permanent—changes in his life.

Hector came to The Scott Mission and asked our staff to help him find a way out.
First, our Mission staff prayed with Hector, then they helped him with the tools and encouragement he needed to get a fresh start.

“After that, things started to fall into place and miracles started to happen,” Hector says. “The Scott Mission played a very important role for me in surviving the storm. They made me feel like things were going to be okay and always made me feel special.

“I’ve always admired the people who work here because I can see that God is working in them,” Hector says. “The Scott Mission was a bridge from the streets to where I am now. I never forgot about God and He never forgot about me. He just took care of me and gave me a home.”

Alcohol no longer rules Hector’s world.
Hector’s been off the streets for eight years now and has an apartment of his own. But he still frequents the Mission to attend Bible studies and has never forgotten what it was like to come in off bitter cold streets for a hot meal, safe shelter, a shower, warm clothes, and more.

And he will never forget the caring friends and donors who helped him get off the streets and closer to God. He says, “Thanks to everybody. Thanks for the help. The Scott Mission offered me food, shelter, and the chance to be in touch with God and the Bible.”

Hector is one example of how support from caring friends and donors is saving and changing lives each day!

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