Advocates for All of God’s Children

Flashback to 2011. Doug and Martha saw the homeless on our city streets, and wanted to help them with meals and shelter, but they also wanted to share the life-changing hope of God’s love with each soul.

So they sent their first gift to The Scott Mission and recently made the decision to support this important work with a recurring monthly gift through our Good Samaritan Giving Circle.

After a tour, Doug and Martha were convinced everyone should consider committing to a monthly gift to ensure the Mission’s many outreaches are seamless.

Doug says, “Every square foot of the place is meeting needs.”

“With The Scott Mission, we know where the funds are going,” Martha says. “They’re feeding people, but also helping them spiritually. They’re a Christian organization that is helping the whole person and we think that’s a great idea—to grow in Him or to learn about Him.”

You can join Doug and Martha with a monthly gift that will help provide countless meals and fresh starts to struggling families and individuals in the greater Toronto area. Help now!

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