“The Scott Mission is a blessing for the city of Toronto . . .”

It was ten years ago that Ludwig DeLeon’s employer encouraged staff to serve as volunteers at The Scott Mission, and Ludwig has been volunteering ever since. “I knew the type of work The Scott Mission does, how they support the more vulnerable people of Toronto, what they stand for as far as loving thy neighbour as thyself. It’s something I … Read More

“I thank God that there is a place to help . . .”

Veronica “Aunty V” first came to The Scott Mission with a friend, who was a single mother and relied on assistance from our food bank to help feed her children. The experience was unforgettable . . . Veronica says that the scene at The Scott Mission food bank was more like something you’d see at a family reunion. She watched … Read More

You Gave Help and Hope When John Needed It Most

Like most who come through the Mission doors, John was hungry and had nowhere else to turn for help. Struggling financially, he was grateful for a good hot meal, but he came back again and again for the compassion, camaraderie, and spiritual support that put hope in his heart. “I saw lots of people, including volunteers, who were so quick … Read More

Their love of nature lives on through The Scott Mission Summer Camp

Until their passing, Harry and Adele Kohane had a deep love for the beauty of Canada’s great outdoors. That’s why they chose to leave a legacy gift that will ensure the love of nature is instilled in the children and youth who attend The Scott Mission’s Summer Camp, this summer and in the years to come . . .

The Countdown is on!

Boys and girls are literally counting the days until The Scott Mission Summer Camp begins. I know how they feel, because I was once one of them . . .

A Summer to Remember

“The Scott Mission Camp is definitely a place that will change you . . . spiritually, emotionally, mentally. I’ll be more than glad to work here one day, and eventually send my children here.” —Tyson, camper

Camp is Great for a Lot of Kids

When Jessica first arrived at The Scott Mission’s summer camp, she was a little overwhelmed. “I was
nervous. It was my first time away from home,” she recalls…