Thank You for Being a Lifeline for Toronto’s Youth!

The Scott Mission is a vital resource for children and teens, ensuring not only that they have the food they need to thrive, but also feeding their faith and encouraging personal growth so they can achieve . . .

What The Scott Mission’s Donors Are Saying

For 80 years, The Scott Mission has offered help and hope to neighbours in need. Through God’s provision of a caring community who supports this important work, we are able to feed the hungry, offer . . .

Our Children Are Our Greatest Gift

Toronto’s at-risk children and youth faced many additional hardships in 2020. The pandemic closed schools, the place where many boys and girls receive meals.

Thank YOU for Making These Important Changes Happen!

Support from caring friends and donors made important upgrades and renovations possible at The Scott Mission and Scott Mission Camp! Heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated to keep the Mission’s outreach going strong during the pandemic and in better days ahead!