Camp is a great experience . . . you won’t want to leave!

Chimar is a Scott Mission Camp veteran. At 16 years of age, he can’t remember a summer without camp! He says he hopes never to miss the opportunity to celebrate his love of God in the great outdoors and visit with all the wonderful friends he’s made over the years. “Camp is great,” he says with a broad smile. “You … Read More

Paulette is thankful for YOU . . .

Paulette’s family was plunged into financial distress after the death of her husband. She turned to The Scott Mission and found help and hope through a most difficult time in life . . .  She says, “After my husband passed away, the Mission was a great help. They gave us groceries, fruit, and vegetables. At Christmas, they gave me groceries … Read More

Anybody Eats Here Free

This story is from a Maclean’s article from 1955. “Anyone—rich or poor, saint or sinner—may walk into the mission and be given a meal without question. Some days workers have noticed well dressed men at the tables who, they presume, are there for a lark or to win a bet. Once a prosperous looking man stopped at the mission office, … Read More

Yes, you really DO make a difference!

People ask me, “How can I help? How can I really make a difference for our struggling neighbours?” I tell them the truth! The best way to directly and immediately impact the lives of families and individuals who are struggling with hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness this winter is through your ongoing support of The Scott Mission. Just ask Margot* who … Read More

This Christmas, James is Thankful for YOU!

Christmas is a difficult time for many in your community who are struggling with homelessness and joblessness. Thanks to generous friends and partners like you, The Scott Mission can welcome people like James, who came to us desperate for shelter and help in rebuilding all that was broken in his life. James was running from a bad home life when … Read More

Christmas Wish List!

You can make this a Christmas to remember at The Scott Mission! Your kind support helps save and change the lives of people in your community who are hungry and hurting every day. But your help is needed again now to ensure delicious meals, holiday programs, and so much more are shared with your neighbours in need this Christmas! Please … Read More

A camper’s heartfelt words of thanks at Christmas!

The reason camp is so important to her Dakota was just eight years old when she stepped off the bus in Caledon for the first time. Far from home, she was anxious and homesick for a short time. But the enthusiasm of the camp counsellors had soon swept Dakota into an endless stream of activities that included a ropes course, … Read More

Thank you for helping struggling families this Christmas!

Gisella had prepared her children to not expect much in the way of Christmas presents. She’d explained that just being together, in their own home, and enjoying a delicious holiday meal made possible by donations from friends of The Scott Mission would make it a wonderful celebration. So you can imagine her surprise when Mission staff approached her at our … Read More

Help and Hope Found . . . Because of YOU!

A concerned neighbour brought Madeline* to The Scott Mission, assuring her that she would find kindness and the help she urgently needed to put food on the table for her family. She was surprised to see so many other mothers with children, each one hoping to receive groceries, and perhaps warm boots, a winter coat, or snowsuit for a child. … Read More