“We have to help one another . . . this is my way of helping out.”

A true Good Samaritan, Louise, determined to do all she could to help her neighbours who are hungry, hurting, and homeless by supporting The Scott Mission. “I’m in the GTA and thought I should help people in my own area. I see so many people without a home, young and old,” she says. “So a couple of years ago, I … Read More

The Scott Mission response to the COVID-19 pandemic- a message from Peter Duraisami

Peter Duraisami

Friday March 13, 2020 The Scott Mission is deeply concerned about the wellbeing of our clients, volunteers, donors, community members, and staff. We appreciate your ongoing support during the COVID-19 pandemic as we take extra measures to ensure safety for our community. Our clients are amongst some of the most vulnerable in Toronto and we are committed to responsibly and … Read More

“I really thank the Mission’s donors . . . a lot!” —John

John thoroughly enjoyed being a businessman and was living a good, prosperous life until he became embroiled in a legal matter that consumed him for three long years. By the end, John was completely wiped out and just a shell of his former self. “I lost everything,” he says. He turned to The Scott Mission and found the help he … Read More

“Scott Mission Camp is a family!” —Christian

Christian first came to Scott Mission Camp when he was just seven years old. But even at such a young age, he knew he wanted to come back every year! “Everyone told me about the camp . . . how it’s so fun, how everyone is kind and loving, and how it’s all about Jesus. That had everything to do … Read More

“Thank you so much. We appreciate you!” —Alysia

Alysia could never have guessed what an incredible impact The Scott Mission would have in her life and that of her family. It all started when she began looking for daycare for her toddler. She found a spot available at the O’Connor Family Centre. “It’s a day care, but not JUST a daycare,” Alysia says. “I love that there’s a … Read More

“I really appreciate The Scott Mission and the donors!” —Maria

Maria’s first thought was, “No. I don’t want help. But like so many people in the greater Toronto area, her income was often stretched beyond her capacity to feed her family once the rent and utilities were paid. So she took the advice of her sister and walked through The Scott Mission’s doors . . The kindness of staff and … Read More

Homelessness can happen to anyone

For some, homelessness starts with a lost job, an unexpected illness, or the death of a loved one. For others, it’s a “perfect storm” where several misfortunes happen at once, leaving a person without the resources to bounce back. Thankfully, caring friends and donors make it possible for The Scott Mission to offer meals, safe refuge, and more to neighbours … Read More

What it means to be a Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan Monthly Donors like John Lamont help provide meals and new beginnings through their faithful monthly giving. John remembers clearly the day his mother shared her compassion for people who are hungry, hurting, or homeless, saying, “Johnny, that could be any of us, and we must support.” Over the decades, John and his family chose to support The Scott … Read More

Camp is a great experience . . . you won’t want to leave!

Chimar is a Scott Mission Camp veteran. At 16 years of age, he can’t remember a summer without camp! He says he hopes never to miss the opportunity to celebrate his love of God in the great outdoors and visit with all the wonderful friends he’s made over the years. “Camp is great,” he says with a broad smile. “You … Read More