Can compassion and generosity save lives? YES!

Doug was hungry and sick when he first came through the doors of The Scott Mission. So beaten down by life that alcohol was his only comfort.

“I was completely alone, without hope, and miserable,” Doug recalls. “I could come to the Mission and get a meal and feel a little bit of hope, a sense of belonging.”

Support from caring friends and donors gave Doug a hot meal and a safe place to sleep.

The Scott Mission staff used that opportunity to pray for Doug and to talk about Jesus’ love and plans for him. We encouraged him to trust in God and take the steps to beat addiction and rebuild his life.

Doug is on the road to recovery now, and he is deeply grateful for the prayers and compassion of The Scott Mission’s caring friends and donors. “I used to come here because I was homeless and hungry,” Doug says. “Today, I come for the Bible study. I was without hope . . . thanks for helping me.”

Doug knows now that people care, and that God loves him. Please partner with The Scott Mission now to provide meals, clothing, spiritual healing, counselling, and more for men in need.

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