“Camp really helps you stay along the good path . . .”

Image of a girl named Louisa

Luisa can spot first-time campers. She recognizes their homesickness and reluctance to join in, because that’s exactly how she was on her first day.

She’d listened to her older brother rave about how great Scott Mission Camp was for years, and she had been eager to go, too, once she was old enough. But as she watched her parents drive away, Luisa—just seven years old—was filled with terror.

Between the kindness of the counsellors, the exuberance of all the boys and girls, and exhilarating activities—skits, singing, hiking, and rock climbing—Luisa soon forgot her fears. So much so, when camp was over and it was time to go home, she didn’t want to leave!

Luisa is 15 years old now and, thanks to support from caring donors, has never missed a summer camp. “Honestly there wasn’t money to send us to camp because camps are really expensive,” she says. “I’m so appreciative because without Scott Mission Camp, my life would be completely different—the way I think, my belief, my morals. Camp really helps you stay along the good path.”

She’s also taken part in The Scott Mission’s Foundations Program, to hone her leadership skills so that she can one day serve as one of the counsellors she so admires. “Counsellors are definitely one of the most important parts of camp. They make sure you feel included, make sure there are no problems,” she says. “I’ve known a lot of them since I was seven and they’re important to me.”

With the next Scott Mission Camp only weeks away, Luisa is counting the days until she will be reunited with the friends and counsellors who will make this summer the best yet, and she’ll be giving thanks for donors like you who gave so generously to make camp possible.

Thank you for supporting Scott Mission Camp, so children like Luisa can attend summer camp and experience an abundance of beauty and fun while growing deeper in their faith.

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