Camp is Great for a Lot of Kids

When Jessica first arrived at The Scott Mission’s summer camp, she was a little overwhelmed. “€œI was nervous. It was my first time away from home,”€ she recalls. “€œBut then I met new friends and it brought me out of my shell.”€

That was four years ago, and among the many gifts camp has brought into her life, Jessica credits the counsellors and friends she has made with helping her to overcome anxiety in social situations and be more confident.

Jessica is in 10th grade now and has attended camp for four years in a row. She loves the worship and fellowship that are always such a special part of camp. Plus she enjoys time away from the city where she can meet new people while swimming, canoeing, biking, sitting around the campfire, and so much more.

In fact, the experience has impacted her so profoundly that she made the commitment last year to join our Foundations program, where she can be trained to be a leader among younger campers, and perhaps one day serve as a camp counsellor. “€œI absolutely love the counsellors. One counsellor is my mentor,”€ she says with a broad smile. “€œThe campers love the counsellors, and the counsellors love the campers!”€

Your support makes it possible for children like Jessica to attend summer camp and experience a truly unforgettable week in their lives. Please partner with us again today with a generous gift to send more young ones to The Scott Mission Camp because as Jessica says, “€œKeep supporting the camp! It”€™s great for a lot of kids!”€