Meet volunteers, Bob and Joyce—Serving our community in love

From the kitchen to the dining hall to the distribution centre, Bob and Joyce are a part of our amazing team of volunteers who help The Scott Mission put hope into the hearts of people who are lost, in need, or defeated by life.

For many years now, this loving couple has served their neighbours in need weekly. “It’s good to see that we’re making the lives of our neighbours a little bit better,” Bob says.

“They know they can come here for food and support,” Joyce adds. “This may be the only constant in their life. It’s a trusting and loving place where they can find some comfort.”

As volunteers, Bob and Joyce have seen the impact of your support and encourage you to keep giving! “This place is making a difference in people’s lives,” Joyce says. “This is where people in need are loved, fed, and given life’s basic necessities.”

You can join Bob and Joyce, volunteering your time to The Scott Mission, helping struggling families and individuals in the greater Toronto area get the help they urgently need. DONATE NOW!

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