“I was lost. . .now I have hope.” Jonathan


When Jonathan came through the doors of The Scott Mission, he had lost all hope and was convinced life was not worth living. Thanks to support from caring friends and donors, we gave him a hot meal and a safe place to sleep. We prayed for him and included him in a special retreat held at our Collingwood property. There, … Read More

Help and Hope Found . . . Because of YOU!

A concerned neighbour brought Madeline* to The Scott Mission, assuring her that she would find kindness and the help she urgently needed to put food on the table for her family. She was surprised to see so many other mothers with children, each one hoping to receive groceries, and perhaps warm boots, a winter coat, or snowsuit for a child. … Read More

Robert was living in fear . . .

It wasn’t easy for Robert to walk through The Scott Mission’s doors that first time. But he had nowhere else to turn. Unemployed, Robert was filled with terror that this month would be the month that he couldn’t pay the rent. He was hanging by a thread . . . and he was hungry He’d known about The Scott Mission … Read More

You were the Change of Heart in a Young Life!

Karen began participating in The Scott Mission’s many youth outreaches when she was in grade six. In high school now, she is the picture of confidence and rarely misses an opportunity to gather with friends and Mission staff to nurture the growth she is experiencing in her faith and character. But it wasn’t always that way! “When I was younger … Read More

Mission: Underway

Thank you for your help with urgent repairs and updates! Heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support to begin the critical repairs and purchases that will ensure The Scott Mission can continue serving the hundreds of hungry and hurting people who turn to us for a meal and help and hope each day. Important kitchen upgrades will increase efficiency in … Read More

Meet Scott Mission Camp’s New Camp Director—Adam Brown!

Hello Friends and Campers! My name is Adam Brown and if we haven’t met yet, I hope we will soon! This will be my first summer serving as Camp Director to the 600 children and youth who will be blessed with the opportunity to spend a glorious, life-changing week at Scott Mission Camp. But I already know all the staff … Read More

Give the life-transforming gift of summer camp to at-risk children!

1. GIVE A GIFT! Share a generous gift today to help raise the $650,171 needed to meet the costs of maintaining the camp, and to provide everything boys and girls need to have the time of their lives. Your gift of $109 will send a child to camp for one day, and a generous $650 gift will provide a week … Read More

Mackenzie—Homesick No More!

“Mackenzie admits she was homesick when she first arrived at Scott Mission Camp, but those feelings soon faded and she had the time of her life. She says, “It’s a really good camp and I would love to go again!” Mackenzie’s big sister had been to Scott Mission Camp and given it rave reviews. So naturally, the 11-year-old eagerly followed … Read More

I’m so grateful for what God has done for me at camp!

“I’d never been out of the city before and I was like, ‘Whoa, the stars look so cool,’” says Jelani, remembering his first visit to Scott Mission Camp.” Jelani was in grade 8 when a social worker suggested that Scott Mission Camp would be a great place for him and his siblings to spend time over the summer. Upon arrival … Read More

Can compassion and generosity save lives? YES!

Doug was hungry and sick when he first came through the doors of The Scott Mission. So beaten down by life that alcohol was his only comfort. “I was completely alone, without hope, and miserable,” Doug recalls. “I could come to the Mission and get a meal and feel a little bit of hope, a sense of belonging.” Support from … Read More