“The Scott Mission is a blessing for the city of Toronto . . .”

It was ten years ago that Ludwig DeLeon’s employer encouraged staff to serve as volunteers at The Scott Mission, and Ludwig has been volunteering ever since.

“I knew the type of work The Scott Mission does, how they support the more vulnerable people of Toronto, what they stand for as far as loving thy neighbour as thyself. It’s something I wanted to be a part of because it really represents a lot of what I stand for and believe,” Ludwig says.

“I’ve helped out in the kitchen, preparing food and interacting with people when they come in. Seeing their souls, you feel delighted and humbled to be able to serve them. I’ve helped in the warehouse, sorting food and vegetables into bins—which is important because I know that each veggie is going into the hands of someone who really needs it.”

The toy room is a favourite of Ludwig’s and reinforces the reasons he regularly supports The Scott Mission with his gift of time.

“I’ve seen mothers come in with their little ones, empty-handed, then leave with a bag full of stuffed animals, colouring books, clothing, and new toys,” he says. “Seeing their faces light up just makes it all worthwhile. The parents are able to give their children something, thanks to the Mission, that they wouldn’t be able to provide.”

Ludwig considers it a privilege to serve alongside other volunteers, and to see that donor support goes as far as it possibly can to help his neighbours who are in need. “None of what happens here each day could be achieved without staff, volunteers, and financial support from donors” he says.

“Many of us are blessed to have a good job, a career, a successful business, and recognize the importance of giving back. But there are many families in Toronto who are struggling and when they can’t make it, they can turn to The Scott Mission and know that they’ll receive a warm meal, groceries, clothing, shelter, and a smile all in the name of love.”

Special thanks to Ludwig, all volunteers, and to friends like you who support The Scott Mission and help people in need at Christmas and all year long!

Make a gift now to help neighbours in need this Christmas or serve as a volunteer!

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