A camper’s heartfelt words of thanks at Christmas!

The reason camp is so important to her
Dakota was just eight years old when she stepped off the bus in Caledon for the first time. Far from home, she was anxious and homesick for a short time. But the enthusiasm of the camp counsellors had soon swept Dakota into an endless stream of activities that included a ropes course, swimming, baking, arts and crafts, and—her favourite—photography. “We’re able to take home the pictures that we took . . . it lets you take home a little piece of Scott Mission Camp.”

“Thank you so much for donating to the camp that has changed my life,” Dakota says. “It’s a wonderful experience, and I want donors to know that I am very grateful that you donate and pray.”

Lifelong friends—and so much more
Friendships were formed easily that summer and are still going strong—nine years later! But the most important relationship for Dakota is the one that has been forged through her faith. “I was actually saved at camp. During devotions one night, we were casually talking about how fantastic Jesus’ love is. I prayed that night and gave myself over to Jesus at nine years old.”

Dakota recently completed in our Foundations leadership program and credits the experience with maturing her faith and increasing her knowledge of Jesus. The experience cemented her commitment to giving back to the next generation of boys and girls as a camp counsellor.

“God is calling me to be a camp counsellor. Recently, I enjoyed being able to lead a night devotion. I brought some glow sticks to help the kids understand that when times are dark, Jesus’ light shines and it spreads. The darkness cannot overcome the light. It was really cool.”

As Christmas approaches, Dakota has heartfelt words of thanks to donors who make Scott Mission Camp possible, as well as all the other, vital youth ministry programs: “If I had never gone to Scott Mission Camp, I wouldn’t have the friendships and so many cool camp experiences. Scott Mission brings a huge light to my life.”

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Dakota has now completed her first official year as a camp counsellor, giving her best back to hundreds of boys and girls who, like her, were anxious to experience God’s majesty in the great outdoors as they left home for the first time. The gift of camp has been life-changing for Dakota, and she is deeply grateful to generous supporters who make Scott Mission Camp possible each year.