Robert was facing homelessness . . .

Work has been hard to find for many people in the Toronto area, especially in the wake of the coronavirus that devastated so many businesses. But Robert’s challenges were multiplied by serious health issues. And although he was on the mend, he was still facing hunger and homelessness when he first came through the Mission doors. Robert vividly remembers his … Read More

“How will I feed my children?”

Michel was close to despair. After paying the rent and bills, there was nothing left to buy food. That’s when a friend told her about The Scott Mission. She told her the Mission would help her with food, clothes, and much more because they really care about families. But as Michel came through the Mission doors for the first time, … Read More

Want to REALLY help your hungry, hurting neighbours this Thanksgiving?

Share Meals, Help, and Hope. Here’s how— PRAY for your neighbours who are in great need. This is a difficult time for many families and individuals who have lost jobs and are struggling to put food on the table. Please pray The Scott Mission will have the resources to help everyone who is hungry, homeless, and in need of our … Read More


THANK YOU for your prayers and partnership! You make way for The Scott Mission to care for your most vulnerable neighbours, even amid the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began*, your support has made it possible for the Mission to provide an elevated level of health and safety for our most vulnerable neighbours: 16,535 Meals … Read More