Homelessness can happen to anyone

For some, homelessness starts with a lost job, an unexpected illness, or the death of a loved one. For others, it’s a “perfect storm” where several misfortunes happen at once, leaving a person without the resources to bounce back. Thankfully, caring friends and donors make it possible for The Scott Mission to offer meals, safe refuge, and more to neighbours … Read More

What it means to be a Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan Monthly Donors like John Lamont help provide meals and new beginnings through their faithful monthly giving. John remembers clearly the day his mother shared her compassion for people who are hungry, hurting, or homeless, saying, “Johnny, that could be any of us, and we must support.” Over the decades, John and his family chose to support The Scott … Read More

Camp is a great experience . . . you won’t want to leave!

Chimar is a Scott Mission Camp veteran. At 16 years of age, he can’t remember a summer without camp! He says he hopes never to miss the opportunity to celebrate his love of God in the great outdoors and visit with all the wonderful friends he’s made over the years. “Camp is great,” he says with a broad smile. “You … Read More

Paulette is thankful for YOU . . .

Paulette’s family was plunged into financial distress after the death of her husband. She turned to The Scott Mission and found help and hope through a most difficult time in life . . .  She says, “After my husband passed away, the Mission was a great help. They gave us groceries, fruit, and vegetables. At Christmas, they gave me groceries … Read More

Anybody Eats Here Free

This story is from a Maclean’s article from 1955. “Anyone—rich or poor, saint or sinner—may walk into the mission and be given a meal without question. Some days workers have noticed well dressed men at the tables who, they presume, are there for a lark or to win a bet. Once a prosperous looking man stopped at the mission office, … Read More