“I have never felt so loved”

A smiling woman in the toy store

Life was very difficult for Amy* and her children in their neighbourhood near The Scott Mission’s O’Connor Family Centre. Like many families in the area, her income is not enough to meet her family’s needs. But like any good neighbour, the O’Connor Family Centre reached out with the extra care that made it a little easier for Amy to give … Read More

Care Comes First

Indra with her two young boys

When we met Indra, she was gripped with fear. At the top of her list—feeding her children and keeping a roof over their heads on a strained budget. But Indra also had to find quality, affordable daycare and dreaded the thought of leaving her little ones with strangers. That all changed the day Indra walked into The Scott Mission’s O’Connor … Read More

Opening Hearts at Camp

Sisters, Weajue and Weadee, at Scott Mission Camp

When we first met twins Weajue and Weadee, they were shy and withdrawn. But from the first day of camp, the twins felt so welcomed by our counsellors that they opened their hearts to everything Scott Mission Camp offers, from canoeing to biking, and a great many opportunities to grow spiritually. “Before Scott Mission Camp, we were much quieter. Camp … Read More

A Warm Welcome

A smiling Korsah

Fleeing horrifying persecution in his homeland in Ghana, Korsah arrived in Toronto with no money, no friends, and no hope. His only possessions were the clothes he was wearing. Alone and afraid, Korsah was directed to The Scott Mission. Here, he received a warm welcome that included a good meal, safe shelter, and the tools to help him find work, … Read More