The Scott Mission has been like a family to me

Victoria smiling while standing in The Scott Mission

When Victoria first came through the doors of The Scott Mission, she was amazed and couldn’t help but ask, “€Why do you help so many people?”€ Victoria’s sister became ill and died from breast cancer, and Victoria was entrusted with raising her sister’s children. “€I was mourning, grieving, and I didn’t know what to do. I really struggled to take care of the kids,”€ Victoria … Read More

The Scott Mission has helped me

Seth smiling while at The Scott Mission

Life was good for Seth until an accident on the job caused severe injury to one of his eyes. Suddenly, he was unable to work and could no longer make ends meet. The Scott Mission has helped Seth in many ways, including hot meals, groceries, clothing, and toiletries. But he would be the first to tell you that the greatest gifts he has received … Read More

I love that the OFC is a faith mission

Nicole pictured with her son at the O'Connor Family Centre

Nicole had to work to support her family. The huge expense of childcare, and the far off locations, were a great burden on her until she learned about childcare services offered by The Scott Mission. Her first visit and tour of our facilities put Nicole’s worries to rest. She was in awe of the warm, caring, interactive atmosphere and our … Read More