I Cried When I Left Because I had so Much Fun!

Camper Ella smiling at Scott Mission Camp

For three summers now, Ella has looked forward to one special week. Every year, she counts on it. It is a week she can get out of the city, run outside in the sun, play games, go fishing, swim, and meet friends. Ella wouldn’t trade her week at The Scott Mission Camp for anything! “€Camp is fun and we get to learn about … Read More

‘The healing is just beginning . . .’

Dave climbing a ladder at Collingwood

For Dave, The Collingwood Lodge at Blue Mountain is full of gifts. Not the usual gifts you would imagine, though. “There is a freshness in the air; it is peaceful and tranquil. It is God’s property,” he says. “There’s something about it that is conducive to fellowship. It comes so freely, it is very therapeutic.”