Childcare: Program

Our childcare centre has spaces for 40 children, and seeks to create an intimate family environment in all of our programs.



In a brand new, bright and inviting Childcare centre, we welcome infants 0-18 months to our nurturing and stimulating environment. You can have every confidence that your child will be given individualized and focused care.


Creativity is central to our toddler program. Children from 18-30 months are invited to use their imaginations, develop fine motor skills and engage in sensory activities. Art materials are always within the grasp of our tots and circle time is a valued part of the day where singing and sharing are encouraged.




Our preschool program engages children from 30 months-4 years of age. We give them a jump start on their education with pre-kindergarten learning opportunities in numeracy and literacy. Foundational social skills are built through positive interactions with the teaching team and other children. We believe that effective conflict resolution skills begin at a young age, and take every opportunity to encourage children to use positive communication tools.


Parent Education and Resources

It is our desire at The Scott Mission to provide an inclusive approach to childcare by involving the whole family in the process of a child’s growth and development. Our new location at the O’Connor Family Centre will allow us the space to host workshops and training for parents. In addition, the centre features a Family Resource Room with a mini library, computers and sitting area that will be accessible to parents. 


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