Our Team

The Scott Mission team is led by Peter Duraisami, CEO.

Peter has a 20 year history with the Mission. Previously, he held the position of Director of Ministries, as well as positions in both front line ministry, and Director of Finance.

Peter grew up in India and graduated from the University of Chennai with a major in Mathematics. He went on to become a Chartered Accountant and held managerial and executive roles for several years. Since coming to Canada in 1990, Peter has also attended Seminary at Tyndale University College in Toronto, and founded Church on the Rock International Ministries where he continues to minister as Senior Pastor. An ordained Minister, Peter is a gifted preacher and has ministered in several countries.  Married for 23 years, Peter and his wife Sheela have two sons, Yohan and Joshua.

The leaders of the ministry Departments are as follows:

Family Ministries - Jeff Johnson

- Child Care Centre - Audrey Apps

- Women & Family Ministry - Lois Markovic

- Camp and Youth - Miranda Munro and Renaldo Wall

Men’s Ministry - Cristina Bonadonna

The ministry Departments are supported by other groups, including:

Distribution and Food Services - Lynwood Strickland

Finance & Information Technology - Oliver Ng

Human Resources and Health & Safety - Sera Rousalis

Public Relations