Our Core Values

The Scott Mission has always been a “Faith Mission”.

This vision continues to be the guiding principle of The Scott Mission. Our eight Core Values flow from this vision. 

We value Dependence on God, fully recognizing that this is God’s work.

We value Faithfulness, persevering with trust in God’s character and provision, intentionally keeping the commands given in Scripture.

We value Generosity, giving joyfully, personally and corporately, from both the material and spiritual bounty that God has provided.

We value Grace, the act of treating others kindly as conduits of the richness of God’s love in Christ.

We value Hospitality, the act of making anyone who walks through our doors feel warmly welcomed and esteemed.

We value Integrity, being honest in interpersonal, ministry and business practices, doing so to bring honour to God the Righteous one.

We value Love and Mercy, seeking to demonstrate God’s compassion and goodness by our attitudes and actions.

We value Respect, the act of bestowing honour and dignity on all equally.